Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – Updates and Info for Traveling Pets

ReloCat Italy® would like to inform you that we are doing our best to provide assistance and support during this unprecedented difficult moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

All airlines are taking the necessary measures to protect the safety of traveling pets: therefore, their transport on all domestic and international routes is heavily limited.

Our agency is therefore unable, for the time being, to facilitate any travel for pets to and from Italy until further notice.

Currently, our assistance is aimed at preparing the future journey of your furry friend by providing quotes, checking the necessary documentation and putting the reservation on the waiting list.

As soon as the pandemic-related restrictions begin to ease, all current bookings will be reinstated.

We will monitor this situation day by day in order to keep all information current and we will work to identify all the possible options through the network as they become available.

We understand the potential impact this will have on pets and their families who intended to travel during this period and we extend our most sincere apologies for interrupting your travel plans.

This is an extremely demanding moment that we are all facing on a global level, however, we will have to resist this storm with determination and fortitude, and we remain confident in a sudden return to normal.

For any questions relating to your 4-legged friend’s upcoming trip, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address:

The ReloCat Italy® team