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E1025The kennel is the most important element for the trip of your pets
and is very important to choose in the best way the correct size..

Why is important?

The most important thing for the travel of your pets, is that they MUST travel in an approved IATA kennel: if it's not, pets cannot depart.

Airlines rules are very strict: some airlines don't accept many breed as snub dogs and cats or other pets listed as aggressive. This is the reason why sometimes they don't accept those pets travelling inside a rigid plastic IATA kennels.

The solution for this problem is to build a kind of kennel called CR #82, a wooden custom made kennel that follows, of course, all IATA international rules.

  • ReloCat has got own Carpentry workshop and dedicated staff specialized in building wooden container that are very comfortable and with perfect dimensions for your individual pets.
  • This our specialization is unique in the Italian Pet Transport Field.

*IMPORTANT* Most of the times wooden kennel are built in series with a very slim wood and metal grids are not very resistance. In our opinion it would be dangerous because a strong and nervous dog could easily break it!


ReloCat Kennel  

And that’s the reason why we have decided to build our own kennels with following feature:

  • Our kennel are built with a strong wood
  • Grids are reinforced or replaced with holes that allow the right side projectors vents inside the kennel
  • A double door: in addition to having the door with the classic opening, the front is reinforced as you can see in the picture.
  • Furthermore we insert also a safety system further - Click here - in the top of the door and another in the lower, constructed with a hook and a chain which does not allow and easy extraction of the "second door": you cannot "pull" without opening the hook.
  • In both sides, kennels have handles to make it easier to handle and simplify the work for the operators at the airport, so as to significantly reduce shakes of the kennel.
  • Bowls for food and water are easily filled: through a funnel and a tube that reaches the water bowl in the back of the cage, it will be very easy to give them fresh water before departure time, during short flight connections and soon after arrival. 

NEWS: our staff carefully add at the bottom of the kennel  a glued mat in order to avoid big dogs or with delicate legs, to slip on the plastic base of the kennel.

 To avoid unpleasant accidents happen, such as the fracture of a paw, we have decided to use this prevention: the mat also reduces the amplitude of the bottom of the cage, and therefore the possibility of finding slippery space inside the cage will be minimal.


And just before departure, we spray our crates with pheromones to almost immediately calms and reassure each animal. 


Our Plastic Kennels

Drink Bottle 1 small

Plastic kennels supplied by ReloCat are IATA approved, with "Bolt Mechanism" and the metal ventilation grilles (not plastic).

We replace the standard bowls supplied with most capacious bowls, especially for larger dogs that would finish the water with only two "licking"!

We also add a Drink Bottle that sends down water drip in case there was not more: in this way the animal will have always water throughout the trip.

Here you can see alongside the photo of Sam, a beautiful Labrador that we brought from Milan to Glasgow by road with our "Pet Bus Service".

The bowl in the photo is a medium size, however, it has twice the capacity of a standard bowls.

He has a large Drink Bottle and this has allowed us to refill the bowl during the trip, either to fill Drink Bottle to ensure that it would never end the water.

You'll also notice one of several clamping mechanisms (Bolt Mechanism) IATA approved.

We also supply to ALL animals traveling by air, an absorbent diaper to be placed on the bottom of the kennel. Usually the animals don't like to soil their kennel, but the diapers are always a plus prevention to ensure their journey as comfortable as possible.



How to choose the suitable kennel for my pet?

ReloCat provides assistance during all the process of preparation for the flight booking of your pet. From the moment you provide us with the size of your pet, we will let you know what is the most confortable kennel for his trip!

To take measurements in the best way possible, look at the image below:


A. Measure the length of your pet while standing: from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose.

B. Measure the height of your pet when standing: from the floor to the top of the head or ear, whichever is the highest off the ground.








Click here for further information about "How to choose the right kennel size" 

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