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The secret of our success is based on a strong team relationship and our enthusiast way of working together affects the quality of service our customers receive.
All team members have an intense love of animals and are professionally trained pet handling and driving. We focus on creating the most comfortable, safe and stress-free environment possible for pet airline travel or cross Europe pet transport.
ReloCats olds the special authorisation issued from the Health Minister,  to transport animals on a journey in a road.

Mariella Brunazzetto

CEO and Co-Founder

She relocated families around the world for years. Now she does this for pets: she talk to people on the phone and arrange for their pets relocation. Her careful diligence help ensure that ReloCat team will be able to care of any pet relocation service to any place in the world.
Her compassion and care assure pet owners that their beloved pets will receive professional, loving care offering an high and professional quality of service. info@relocat.it

Gerry Bongermino

ReloCat co-Founder

He offers transports in Milan city and cross Centre-Northern Italy.
He’s got a friendly demeanor and likeable personality, capable to give to your pets all the professional care and attention they deserve.
He’s available for transporting your pet to and from your house for any kind of need. Gerry has a valid Transporter Authorisation and the Certificate of Competence according to new EU rules imposed for live pets transports.

Stefano Saija

Pet Travel Specialist

Stefano takes care of a lot of things! He speaks fluent English and has attended the IPATA course organized in Amsterdam, where he completed the training to become a “Pet Travel Specialist”. He’s familiar with the latest import/export requirements for any Country of destination.  stefano@relocat.it

Federico Franzoso

Pet Travel Specialist

Federico takes care of import and export of your furbabies. He is costantly in contact with airlines and updated on the latest import/export requirements for any Country of destination.  federico@relocat.it

Meet our Team

We help you bring your furry friends around the world

CEO and Co-Founder

Mariella B.

Stefano Saija
Pet Travel Specialist

Stefano S.

ReloCat co-Founder

Gerry B.

Pet Travel Specialist

Federico F.

Facilty in Milan area

Aldo C.

Facility in Rome area

Michele A.

Vet in Rome

Dr. Pietro V.

Boarding Facility in Venice

Massimo M.