Frequently Asked Questions about pets travel

What days of the week can I fly my pet?

We usually fly from Monday through to Friday. Cargo shipments cannot take place during weekend.

Can my pet fly in the cabin with me?

  • All pets booked with us at ReloCat must travel as cargo in the hold of the aircraft. The conditions in this area of the aircraft are temperature regulated and air-conditioned just like the cabin.
  • Small dogs and cats may be allowed in the cabin, depending on airline policy, but in this case you will have to book flight by yourself.
  • Typically, cats and dogs actually travel better in the baggage hold because it is quieter and they will rest in a darkened environment.
  • In addition, depending on the country of departure and destination, service animals (which are not pets and are defined as working animals that assist persons with disabilities) may be allowed (by law) to travel in the cabin.

Why is the check-in time so early?

Live Pets Cargo shipments ask for check-in time about four hours prior to departure because the airline must have enough time to resolve any possible issue with export paperwork or with the kennel size. The early check-in time also allows for any traffic problems en-route to the airport.

Can my pet fly with a collar on?

In order to avoid any possibility of injury to your pet and to ensure a comfortable flight, all collars, leads and clothing must be removed before they are settled into the kennel.

Can my pet be sedated?

ReloCat do not accept any sedated pets for flights. Sedation can put your pet’s general health at risk at altitude. If your pet has a nervous temperament, we recommend that you purchase a crate as earlier as possible and train your pet to be familiar with it. We have a certified Bach Flower Consultant that can select the right combination for your pet and have a calming effect.

What should I consider if I want to bring a pet?

Before calling ReloCat, you should have the answer ready to the following questions:

  • When do you want your pet to travel?
  • What is your pet’s size and weight?
  • How many animals will be travelling?
  • Is your pet to be accompanied?
  • What is the pet’s final destination?
  • Do you have a suitable container for your pet?

Do I need to issue a special health certificate for my pet to be exported?

Yes, it is always required a health certificate for any animal transported by air, whether in the cabin or as an unaccompanied shipment.

Is there anything I should do to prepare my pet for travel?

To prepare your pet, reduce the quantity of food one day before but give it plenty of water. You should take your dog for a walk before leaving for the airport and again before check-in. A light meal 6 hours before departure ill help to calm it and is a legal requirement worldwide.

Are there certain types of dog that travel better than others?

Transport of snub nose dogs, such as boxers, pugs, bulldogs and Pekinese, in hot season is not recommended. These animals have difficulty in maintaining a normal body temperature in hot weather.

Can I use the European Pet Passport to export my pet from Italy to a Third Country?

The European Pet Passport is been created for movements within European Country. For Third Countries you can still use the Pet Passport but an health export certificate must be issued by the government vet from ASL non sooner than 10 days before departure.