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In many cases, Pet Cargo flights provide a stopover and a night stop.

In many cases, Pet Cargo flights provide a stopover and a night stop for the following reasons:

  • Minimum time periods between one flight and another is imposed (never less than 4 hours)
  • The arrival at the airport of destination must take place during customs and vet offices opening hours
  • The major airlines we work with provide an environment designed to ensure maximum comfort for all pets
  • These are real Dedicated Pensions (Pet Hotels), with Stewards providing individual assistance and professional experience. Our traveling friends are offered food and fresh water, a bigger box and crate cleaning, just to be perfectly ready for the next flight.

Pet Hotels also have health check visits to ensure that all animals in transit are healthy enough to continue their journey, and security procedures are applied so no pets can be lost inside the airport.

We invite you to take a tour of the Pet Hotels we normally use, organized in the major international airports:

Pet Hotel
in London

Pet Hotel
in Frankfurt

Pet Hotel
in Amsterdam

Pet Hotel
in Zurich

Pet Hotel
in New York

in Singapore

Pet Hotel
in Dubai

Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel
in Chicago

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