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Travels for cats and dogs overseas - ReloCat Italy

How can I bring my pets with me?
We are the first Italian IPATA company dedicated to pets shipping only.
We organize door-to-door moves for pets around the world since 2007.
Entrust your furry friend to a professional!

Overseas Pet Travel

It’s time to leave Italy and a new life is waiting for you in a new country: we know how many things there are to do before departure (....)

Pets Travel by road

Transport of your pets from and to the airport. If you do not have the opportunity to accompany or pick your pet up from/to the airport (...)

How we Are Different

 We devote our job only and exclusively to the Pet Relocation Services since 2007. We help you on preparing your pets for a safe travel. (...)

IATA Premium Kennels

The travel cage is the most important thing for the journey of your pet and it’s very important to choose the most suitable one with care (...)

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Our Services

Transporting pets is our specialization. Our organization is able to cover the entire national area with suitable and prepared means of transport, and we are able to make reservations for international flights departing from the main airports.

Road Transport

ReloCat offers a dedicated road transport service to and from all airports in the Italian area.

Overseas Pet Travels

Before losing yourself in the depths of disinformation, contact us. We will be able to resolve your doubts.

IATA Crates

We supply IATA approved carriers for the journey of the four-legged furry.

Where is my pet?

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UK Pet Bus

Dedicated road transport service for your pets. Transport to the UK and throughout Europe

Boarding facilities

We can accommodate your pet before departure or after arrival at destination

Assistance with Health Documents

We have a veterinary staff in Milan, Rome and Venice ready to help you.

Import Pets into Italy

We cooperate with all the best IPATA companies and dealing with import services in Italy.


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Pets in transit!

We cooperate with the best airlines offering dedicated service to our furbabies.