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It’s time to leave Italy
and a new life is waiting for you in a new country:
we know how many things there are to do.  

Are you moving and you don’t know how to bring your furbabies? Below you will find some information

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Don’t leave your pets at home!

It’s time to leave Italy and a new life is waiting for you in a new country: we know how many things there are to do.
There are many aspects to be taken care of and, among the chaos of the move, we add the emotions that inevitably involve us in view of such a big change; and everything becomes much more difficult.
However, your greatest concern is all above your faithful friend: how many questions are crowded in your mind? Will he travel safely, will he suffer, how can I know what documents to prepare, why on the web do I find so many alarming news?

 Before being lost in the maze of disinformation and be overwhelmed by a wave of emotions, get in contact with us: we will be able to reassure you and resolve your doubts. We have years of experience and we know exactly how to help you.

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A Safe and Comfortable Flight

ReloCat Italy works with the most reputable airlines, and that meet the following requirements:
Live Pets Dedicated Area: that is air-conditioned and pressurized. During the flight your pet will enjoy the same conditions as passengers in the cabin.
Dedicated Pet Hotels inside the airport: when a night stop at the airport is necessary, your pet will receive an excellent Pet Hotel service. The airlines we choose must be able to offer impeccable hospitality and routing are scheduled according to the hospitality that is offered during the transfer flight.

Where Pets are placed in the Aircraft?

All Pets are secured in a safe dedicated space in the cargo hold, which is located underneath the passenger deck.
This dedicated room is comfortable, with temperature and pressure controlled in exactly the same way as the passenger in the cabins.
There is no lighting whilst in flight, as it has been proven over the years that Pets travel better in darkness and that they arrive in better shape than the passengers do, as animals do not suffer jetlag!

  • When pets travel in their Safe Dedicated Room, in a short time they realize that they will not be able to go out, but also that nothing will enter their cage, and they will feel outside of every danger
  • Pets do not realize the fact of being on a plane and flying: during our international meetings, listening to experts in behavioral studies of pets, we learned that according to their instinct once boarded, they realize they have been brought in a special area that sometimes jolts and sways during take-offs and departures. Then, simply, they wait for someone to come and open that door
  • In the absence of any external stimulation, pets then tends to sleep, accompanied by the rocking of the plane
  • Our long experience has taught us that after landing the animals are far more in shape than their owners!

Pets Travel Insurance

Out of experience we know that most of pet’s owner moving their pets, would like to insure them during the journey.
As a pet owner, the first important things you have to do when planning his flight is to make sure that your pet is healthy and fit to travel.
However, our mission is to improve the quality of pet’s journeys by offering truly comprehensive illness and accident coverage, giving our policy holders a total peace of mind.
It is now your chance to benefit this unique new service: we’re offering something that other pet shippers can’t. (Non Ipata members).
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@relocat.it

Dedicated Pet Lounge

First-class services for your beloved friends in transit

In many cases, Pet Cargo flights provide a stopover and a night stop for the following reasons:

> Minimum time periods between one flight and another is imposed (never less than 4 hours)
> The arrival at the airport of destination must take place during customs and vet offices opening hours
> The major airlines we work with provide an environment designed to ensure maximum comfort for all pets
> These are real Dedicated Pensions (Pet Hotels), with Stewards providing individual assistance and professional experience. Our traveling friends are offered food and fresh water, a bigger box and crate cleaning, just to be perfectly ready for the next flight.
Pet Hotels also have health check visits to ensure that all animals in transit are healthy enough to continue their journey, and security procedures are applied so no pets can be lost inside the airport.