Transport by road

If you do not have the opportunity to accompany your pet
or pick up from the airport at his arrival
we can provide you our dedicated service:

  • From Home to Airport
  • From Airport to Home
  • Through Europe

Are you moving and you don’t know how to bring your furbabies? Below you will find some information

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Transport from and to the Airport

If you do not have the opportunity to accompany your pet, or pick it up from the airport at his arrival, we can provide you our dedicated service:
Before departure: pick-up from residence, boarding overnight if necessary, check-in at the airport and processing of export documents.
Pets on arrival: customs clearance, airport pick-up, comfort stop (cleaning the cage, a short walk for dogs, fresh water) and delivery to residence.

ReloCat Italy can offer the exclusive service of pet relocation, offering a pleasant and safe journey.

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Transport by road through Europe

Dedicated Service

Your furry companion can travel with us in a relaxed way and in complete safety: ReloCat Italy is in possession of the “license on animal welfare” that drivers must have to carry out on the road.
This certificate of suitability is one of the new requirements established by the European Union on the protection of animals during transport, in order to improve their travel conditions and ensure their safety.
Our organization therefore in in possession of the adequate knowledge regarding the care of our 4 Legs friends during road transport, knowing how to evaluate the stress and decide the first emergency care in case of any issue.
Our vehicles are approved by the Italian Health Minister for pet transport, and officially certified for long-distance transport.
Our trips include numerous stops to make sure that our friends can rest, refresh themselves and dogs can take a stroll to stretch their legs.