Why choose
ReloCat Italy?

We devote our job only and exclusively
to the Pet Relocation Services

Are you moving and you don’t know how to bring your furbabies with you? Below you will find some information

Need help?

ReloCat Italy is not a freight forwarding company, and we are not a moving or transport company.
But we devote our job only and exclusively to the Pet Relocation Services
This means that all our efforts are concentrated solely on the needs of your traveling friend.
ReloCat Italy was the first Italian company to become part of the IPATA group, and is renowned for its long experience and for the unparalleled level of assistance to the customers.
Our professionalism is recognized by the most well-known airlines that advise our services to their customers in case of pet travels.
We are an international company but with the soul of the family business: we have not lost the sense of kindness, understanding and humanity.
We also have family Furry Friends who are part of our family and we understand you perfectly when you say:

For me, it’s like a child.

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How it Works

The shipping process starts with a consultation, and we will schedule the trip around you and your pet’s needs.
We ask for as much notice as possible so that we can explain you the necessary requirements and documentation needed for your pet shipping: we’re constantly updated of all requirement for quarantine time and import procedures.
Before contacting us asking for a quotation, please take note of the kennel’s dimensions or, if you don’t have it, please size your pet in his standing position from the tip of the hears to the floor (click here for instructions).
After receiving all necessary information, we will forward you our quotation for the transport.
If the service will be confirmed, we will check than the safest and most convenient flight options and, if needed, we will supply you with the suitable travel kennel for your pet.
On the day of departure, one of our drivers will arrive at your residence to pick up your pet: our experienced and pet friendly drivers will treat your loved pet with all the love and consideration as you would.
If distance from your residence to the airport of departure is far, your pet will be collected on the day before and boarded for an overnight at our accredited boarding facility, near the airport.
Because all paperwork is pre-arranged, your pet will be taken to the airport for check-in procedures, reducing further travel time and stress.
Your pet will travel in a safe and climate controlled area in the Cargo hold.


Particular attention will be given to the documentation required to import your Pet in the Country of arrival: you will then be required to send your pet’s health documents in order to identify the next steps to be taken.
When the departure date will be set, you will be provided with a timetable and our Pet Travel Assistant will contact your vet to work together in the health docs preparation of your friend.
If you do not yet have a trusted veterinarian, ReloCat Italy will be able to advise you: we have a list of professional and dynamic veterinarians that we have created based on the positive experience of cooperation obtained during the preparation of other departing pets.
In addition, in Milan or Rome area, we have vet staff who can guarantee to your pet care, visits, vaccines and blood samples.

Trip Logistics

This is for us the most important and delicate phase, because is of fundamental importance to assure you that your beloved Pet receives a first class service for the all duration of his journey.
We will schedule pickup day from your residence (if required), we will reserve the flight (basing on the most appropriate routing and the best airline offering the pressurized and air-conditioned Cargo space), and we will carefully check the documentation provided to make sure that everything will be ready for departure.
If requested, we will also take care of customs clearance at destination and in this case, all documents will be sent in advance to the agent who will take care of welcoming your partner upon arrival, having the certainty that nothing will be left out.
Our customers are provided, about 1 week before departure, with a “Pet Travel Check-list” which contains in detail the flight number, the number of the waybill, the list of documentation to be presented at check-in, and a link to our website that will allow you monitoring online and in real time the whole journey phase of your Pet.
If you will leave before your pet or you won’t be available on the day of your pet’s departure, we are organized with conventioned boarding facilities, offering a serene and stress-free environment. (inserire link alla pagina “boarding facilities”)
We will not miss to give lot of cuddles to your pet, trying to make him feel on holiday while waiting to be reunited with his family.

ReloCat Italy Accreditation

ReloCat Italy holds the special “Animal Welfare Licence” released by the Italian Health Minister.
This special license is one of the most important requirements imposed by the European Union in order to be authorized on Pet Travels by Road.

Authorized and Certified Vans

Authorized and Certified Vans

Our Vans are provide with conditioned air and are certified by the Ministry of Health specifically to transport pets on long distances.



The International Pet and Animal Association (Ipata) it is a non-profit trade association of independent members who are dedicated to the safe

LAR Training Course

LAR Training Course

Our staff has obtained the exclusive IATA Certification, attending a training course organized in Frankfurt, and passing exams successfully.