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  • Dedicated Service
  • Groupage Service

Are you moving and you don’t know how to bring your furbabies with you? Below you will find some information

Need help?

ReloCat Italy can offer the exclusive service of pet relocation, offering a pleasant and safe journey.

Dedicated Service

ReloCat Italy can offer the exclusive service of pet relocation, offering a pleasant and safe journey.

  • Your furry companion can travel with us in a relaxed way and in complete safety: ReloCat Italy is in possession of the “license on animal welfare” that drivers must have to carry out on the road.
  • This certificate of suitability is one of the new requirements established by the European Union on the protection of animals during transport, in order to improve their travel conditions and ensure their safety.
  • Our organization therefore in in possession of the adequate knowledge regarding the care of our 4 Legs friends during road transport, knowing how to evaluate the stress and decide the first emergency care in case of any issue.
  • Our vehicles are approved by the Italian Health Minister for pet transport, and officially certified for long-distance transport.
  • Our trips include numerous stops to make sure that our friends can rest, refresh themselves and dogs can take a stroll to stretch their legs.

Groupage Service

Our shared trips take place mostly in the UK, and depart from Milan usually ending in London city with a journey that lasts about 2 days.
If the place of collection is in an area outside Milan, the additional cost will be calculated based on the distance.
If you are interested in booking a travel date, and to get the exact total cost of the service, we kindly ask you to send an email to


Road Transport or Air Transport?

Of course, Road Transport to UK it take longerthan by lane, but we’d like to make you see the obvious benefits to your pets  health, as our special trained drivers never leave your pet the whole way.
Beside, pets can travel quietly without stressfful noises and won’t be subjected to the extreme variations in temperature and airmobile pressure.
A lot of pets are used to travelling by car, and we see that they are much more relaxed when they arrive at their destination.
We transport the animals in our range of Vans and custom made dog crates which are air conditioned. Our vehicles have permanent built in cages to keep the animals separated and safe.
With our highly experienced in animal handling, we can assure you that your pets will always be in safe hands.