IATA Premium Kennels

The travel cage is the most important thing
for the journey of your pet
and it’s very important to choose the most suitable one with care.

Are you moving and you don’t know how to bring your furbabies? Below you will find some information

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Why it is so important?

On the logistical and legislative side, it is COMPULSORY to have a suitable kennel for the journey of your pet: if is not in accordance with the IATA international code, pet cannot leave.
The rules imposed by the airline are also very important: some airlines do not accept certain kind of breed (pugs, boxers, bull mastiffs, Burmese or Persian cats etc.) rather than other reputed aggressive breeds.
There are cases where IATA rigid plastic cages are not accepted and the airline requires a special one: a custom-made kennel so-called CR#82.
This kennel must to be built according to certain standards imposed by international laws that protect the travel of live animals.
ReloCat Italy builds custom wooden cages based on the size of the Pet to be shipped.

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Customized Kennels Construction

  • Our cages are made of very resistant wood, practically double thickness compared to those supplied as standard
  • The grids are reinforced or replaced with side holes that allow proper ventilation inside the cage
  • The door is double: in addition to having the door with the classic opening, it is reinforced with a sliding opening (as you can see in the picture).
  • Furthermore, we add a security system in the upper and lower part of the door; the presence of a hook and a chain will not allow the sliding of the second door: to remove it, it will be necessary to open the hook.
  • The presence of resistant handles on the sides makes the cage more manageable and simplifies the work of the operators at the airport. And, no less importantly, the dog tosses inside the cage will be greatly avoided
  • The bowls for food and water are easily filled: through a funnel and a tube that reaches the bowl of water in the back of the cage, it will be very easy to give them fresh water even just before departure
  • Another important precaution is the addition of an anti-slip mat glued to the bottom of the cage: during all these years of experience we have learned that large dogs with very delicate legs, often tended to slide on the bottom of the cages in plastic. To avoid unpleasant incidents, our custom-made cages are equipped with a non-slip mat that offers greater stability to the dogs and avoids any problem of the legs distortion.

IMPORTANT! * In most cases the wooden crates you can find in stores or online, are built in series, with very thin wood and poorly resistant grids. This in our opinion can be dangerous as a strong dog could easily break it!

Our plastic kennels

  • The plastic rigid crates supplied by ReloCat Italy are IATA approved, with “Bolt Mechanism” opening and ventilation grilles in metal (and not in plastic).
  • We replace the bowls supplied as standard with larger bowls, especially for larger dogs that would finish the water with only two “licks”!
  • Along with the cages, you will also be given the Drink Bottle (a special bottle that drops the water drop by drop): this is very useful to ensure that your Pet always has water during the entire duration of the trip. The bottle releases the water slowly, and at each stop, the airline staff will easily fill it from the outside.
  • We also provide crates with absorbing towels for the bottom: usually pets don’t like to dirty their cage, but these will ensure them a comfortable trip.

How to choose the right cage for my pet?

ReloCat Italy will assist your step by step during the organization of your pet’s travel: we will ask you to size your friend and we will advise you the suitable kennel for his trip.